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Calibration laboratory

Laboratory is accredited according to the standard EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for the calibrations on the fields length, angle, roughness, force, torque, pressure, hardness, temperature and mass.

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Testing laboratory

The testing laboratory is accredited by the Slovenian accreditation for the dimensional testing of products on mesuring machines using tactile probing techniques and optical gauging.

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Inspection body

Laboratory is accredited according to ISO 17020 for the inspection of the measuring tools on the field length and pressure..

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Service of measuring equipment


We offer the installation, calibration, service and software training for the coordinate measuring machines (mostly from the group Hexagon Metrology) and the spare parts. 
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Training and education


Training courses for using the  coordinate measuring machines, establishing the quality assurance system on the field of measuring tools, calculating the uncertainty of measurement, using the methods of non destructuve testing .. are offered to our customers.

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