Measuring equipment inspection body

Measuring equipment inspection body works within Sistemska tehnika d.o.o. Laboratories since november 2009 and offers periodical inspection of ultrasonic devices to its customers... Read more about this...

Service of measuring equipment

We offer service of measuring instruments in the field of length, angle and roughness... Read more about this...

Taking care for marketing

We want to present you our services and products, therefore we regularly attend international fairs in field of technique and metalurgy, we publish professional papers and brochures for you... Read more about this...
Wednesday, 05 April 2017 14:33

Vabljeni na sejem Forma Tools v Celju


Vabljeni ste, da nas obiščete ta teden na sejmu Forma Tools, ki poteka od 4.4.2017 do 7.4.2017 v Celju. Blagovna znamka SILABS by SIJ se predstavlja v hali E na razstavnem prostoru številka 8.

V živo iz sejma:

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Iskreno vabljeni, da se oglasite pri nas in preverite kaj vse vam ponujamo!

The beginnings


The beginnings...

History of laboratories development began in 1986, when we decided to build a new measuring room and laboratories. Since then, the laboratories led the way up and the success story continues today...
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Mission and vision


Mission and vision

The Laboratories are an organisational unit within Sistemska tehnika, which offers its expert calibration services, dimensional inspection of parts and non-destructive testing of materials to customers in Slovenia and other countries.
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Quality management


Quality management

The Laboratories are well aware that the quality of our services is essential to achieve customer satisfaction and our success ...
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"Tradition, years of experience and superior professional


knowledge are reasons for our customer's trust in 


our work across Slovenia and abroad." -


Tadeja Primožič Merkač, PhD - head of Laboratories



Where to find us?


naslovSIJ Ravne Systems d.o.o. - Laboratoriji
Koroška cesta 14, 2390 Ravne na Koroškem

telefonT: 02 870 76 70
faksF: 02 870 76 71

mailE: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
webW: www.st-laboratoriji.si



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